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Improving safety and embracing digital innovation to fast-track productivity are the key takeaways from this years’ report from EY.  

In their 2021 inquiry, EY report on the continuing effects of COVID-19 in the sector – and the message is clearDespite the pandemic increasing cost pressures and impacting the economy of many mining geographies, it has also strengthened business continuity through digital technology, accelerated opportunities to upgrade capital agenda, and transformed workplace health and safety management, among others.  

The complete list of risks and opportunities are; 

  • License to operate 
  • High-impact risks 
  • Productivity  
  • Decarbonisation and green agenda  
  • Geopolitics
  • Capital agenda 
  • Workforce
  • Volatility
  • Digital and data optimisation 
  • Innovation  

You can view the full report here 

The pandemic has fuelled an openness to change, and stakeholder relations with corporate and social responsibility are more prominent than ever. This report is a valuable insight into the ways mining and metals companies can continue to lead through the COVID-19 crisis.